Accepting Projects for February 2023
Brings the authentic and exclusive flavors of Anatolia straight to your doorstep. From traditional sweets to contemporary snacks, the store in Irvine, California offers a splendid selection of treats that will transport your taste buds on a journey through the rich cultural heritage of this storied region. Whether you're a local looking to discover something new or an adventurer exploring from afar, Turkaland's online store is the perfect destination for all your snack and sweet cravings.


Increase in Customer Lifecycle Value


Paid Ads Return in Ad Spend


Increase in Conversion Rate
• Expand Turkaland's brand by activating their online store along with marketplace channels.
• Exceed growth goals across both acquisitions, such as acquiring new audiences with new channels, and retention, such as driving repeated purchases from past customers through the website instead of traditional offline channels. Increase brand awareness in the region.
Unique among large
Through a comprehensive analysis of the gourmet snack store market, we identified opportunities for differentiation and leveraged the superior quality and exceptional flavors of Turkaland's products as key selling points. We also implemented a targeted digital marketing campaign, utilizing social media and visually striking branding materials to engage potential customers and enhance brand awareness. These efforts ultimately led to the successful positioning of Turkaland as a unique and highly regarded presence in the competitive snack store market.
From zero to one
We launched and managed a comprehensive marketing strategy for Turkaland that included the creation and management of PPC campaigns, customer lifecycle practices, and organic growth techniques. Our ads were highly successful and helped us acquire a significant audience, leading to the brand's continued growth and success. To ensure optimal conversion rates and maximize potential, we constantly improved the online store through the implementation of new campaigns, design upgrades, and content upgrades. We also provided consulting services to Turkaland's internal team to ensure their ongoing success and the sustainability of our marketing efforts.