Accepting Projects for February 2023
Taste Goya
An exciting new destination for those seeking high-quality nuts, dried fruits, and bulk snacks. Based in Germany, this wholesaler and eCommerce retailer has quickly gained a reputation for offering the best selection of premium treats. Whether you're in need of a snack for your next gathering or looking to stock up on your favorite indulgences, Taste Goya has something for everyone.

Online Store


Marketing Strategy


Marketing Automations

Taste Goya approached our team with the goal of extending their customer base and increasing the reach of their brand through the creation and optimization of an online store. In addition, they were seeking to improve their marketing strategy in order to effectively promote their products and reach a wider audience.
Exceptional User Experience with Design Thinking Methodology
For the Taste Goya project, I employed the Stanford D School Design Thinking methodology to guide the development of a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily browse and filter through the company's full range of products. Through research and ideation, I established a design system for the brand, including brand guidelines and a new logo, to effectively target and appeal to our desired user group. The resulting website received positive feedback from users, who described it as modern, clean, and fresh, and our usability tests showed that customers were able to complete tasks with 100% accuracy. Overall, the adoption of the Design Thinking methodology proved to be an effective approach for creating a successful online store for Taste Goya.
Where Snacking Becomes a Delicious Adventure!
Upon completion of our usability tests, we identified several areas for improvement that will be addressed within allocated time and budget. Further testing and research may have revealed additional pain points, leading to more informed design decisions. This project reinforced the importance of user research and the need to effectively synthesize findings in a way that is most beneficial to users within the constraints of the project. By incorporating these insights into our design process, we aim to enhance the user experience of the Taste Goya online store.